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our olive oil


Alberquina olive oil is produced from olive trees cultivated  in an area of old salt flats, close to the sea. This unique location gives our olive oil very special characteristics.


The oil is smooth and perfect for eating raw, especially in salads. 

The Alberquina olive is a variety of olive originating in the Barcelona region of Spain. Alberquina is known for being small and round, with a soft pulp and mild flavor.

In addition, the production of Alberquina olive oil is carefully controlled to guarantee its quality and authenticity. The olive oil is handcrafted and undergoes rigorous selection and classification processes to ensure that only the best olive oil arrives at your table.


The Copagem em Campo is a process that involved the careful selection of the best varieties to produce an olive oil with a fresh and balanced flavor.


Our Country Copping includes Cobrançosa, Maçanilha, Picual, Picudo and Galego kid olives, resulting in an oil with a characteristic and unique flavor.

Cobrançosa olives are known for producing oils with notes of dried fruits and almonds, while Maçanilha olives are known for producing oils with notes of herbs and red fruits. Picual olives are known to produce oils with notes of artichoke and pepper, while Picudo olives are known to produce oils with notes of dried fruits and herbs. Finally, Galego kid olives are known for producing oils with notes of red fruits and almonds.


Combining all these varieties, the resulting oil will have notes of dried fruits, herbs and red fruits. It is a more complex oil, goes well with all types of dishes, goes well with any grilled or cooked dish. An ideal oil to make your tiborna.


The traditional olive oil of Monchique is a high quality olive oil, produced with hand-picked olives from centuries-old olive trees, with a predominance of the Galega variety.


The olives are taken to the mill to be ground and pressed using a traditional process that involves the use of syenite stones from Monchique.


This process results in an oil with an intense and complex flavor, which is perfect for adding a touch of flavor to any dish.


Traditional Monchique olive oil is a unique product that reflects the rich history and culture of the Monchique region and its centuries-old olive trees.

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